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Passionate developer and technical team leader. Successful deployment and satisfied customers is what he finds the most rewarding in his line of work. Loves programming for the power to create usable software out of nothing and seeing the effects immediately. Values working code and hard numbers over declarations and promises.

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Back to basics: threads


When was the last time you run any production code on single-core CPU? And even if, was it a single-threaded code? We shield ourselves from threads with layers of abstractions that promise to take care of everything. However it is often impossible to talk about the application without understanding the underlying thread model.

During this talk i would like to get back to basics. Where does the JVM take threads from? How much a thread cost? How do the threads interact and is my CPU any different from distributed system? Why do we create thread pools and how to control them? How many (and what) threads are there in typical app? You will find answers to those questions on my presentation.