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Ola Kunysz is a programmer with 11 years of experience in software engineering, going it's through all stages, from business analysis to backend programming. Her biggest interest is solving real-life problems and writing code that matters. For 2 years she organised meetups and workshops of Geek Girls Carrots in Wrocław. She enjoys meeting people and working on interesting projects, so you can meet her on hackathons and conferences. When it’s time to relax, she’s offline [with dog(s), playing board games, in the forest, in the mountains]*.


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Client says your awesome web app works slowly. Now what?


You did great job finishing this web app on time and budget. Design patterns, good code coverage, cutting edge frameworks and best CI ever. It goes to production and boom, clients complain it's too slow. They don't really care, if it's best engineering ever, if each view loads 2 seconds. My presentation will give you hints on how to look for bottlenecks. I will also share simple tricks to make the app work faster, or at least seem to work faster.