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International technical speaker, Google developer expert (GDE), Oracle Developer Champion, trainer and developer advocate. Passionate about Web and Mobile apps development, including PWA, offline-first design, in-browser database, and cross platform tools. Also interested in Android internals such as building custom ROMs and customize AOSP for embedded devices.


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Dismantling a Progressive Web App


Sometimes we are not sure if using a specific tool is a good decision or not. How many libraries are available in the market? What will become standard? And, what is just a hype?

PWA sounds like a new framework, or a tool to create some sort of web apps. Many developers link it to JavaScript, and that is only achievable with one of those new framework.js out there.

I’ve been wondering about the truth of this previous statement, can we create a PWA in, let’s say, pure Java? I did some research and I’m going to present my findings.

In this presentation I will demonstrate how we can actually build modern web applications that qualify as "Progressive Web Apps".