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Bert Jan is a software craftsman at JPoint in the Netherlands and CTO at OpenValue. He focuses on Java, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Bert Jan is a Java Champion, Developer Champion, JavaOne Rock Star speaker and leads NLJUG, the Dutch Java User Group. He loves to share his experience by speaking at conferences, writing for the Dutch Java magazine and helping out Devoxx4Kids with teaching kids how to code.
Bert Jan is easily reachable on Twitter at @bjschrijver.


geek Mind the Geek

Building a self-driving RC car


This session will share our experiences in converting a small remote controlled car into an autonomous driving vehicle. We'll talk about electronics, sensors, AI, computer vision and of course, the software that ties everything together.
We'll introduce you into the world of self driving cars and compare our solution to the stuff that is done in the big leagues by the likes of Tesla's 'autopilot' and Waymo's self driving cars. We'll explain the challenges that have to be faced and the dilemma's that come with creating a car being driven by software in real world scenarios.

cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Microservices in action at the Dutch National Police


Microservices? At the Police? Definitely!
At the Cloud, Big Data and Internet division of the Dutch National Police, 4 DevOps teams use the latest open source technology to build high tech, cloud native web applications in a private cloud. These applications are used to support various types of police work with data from open, online sources and are built using Spring Boot, Angular 5, Spark, Kafka and Jenkins 2.
In this session, I'll share our experiences and real-world use cases for microservices. I’ll explain our architecture, why we chose it, which challenges we face and what this all brings us. I’ll show how 4 teams work together on one product, loosely based on the models used by Spotify and Netflix, and I’ll talk about how we apply the principles of DevOps and Continuous Delivery. I’ll show how we handle security, build pipelines, test automation, performance tests, service discovery, automated deployments and monitoring.
You’ll leave this session with an understanding of how this approach enables us to have the agility of a startup within the large Police organisation.