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From Brazil to the world! Bruno has over 17+ years of experience as an enterprise application developer, doing most of his code in Java, Javascript, and SQL. Starting in 2018 Bruno is now part of the great Azure Cloud Developer Advocacy team at Microsoft ( with the mission to help MS engineers empower Java developers when using Microsoft technologies, by sharing knowledge and bringing home lots of developer experience feedback. Between 2012 and 2018 was Oracle’s Principal Product Manager responsible of Developer Relations Strategy for Oracle Cloud, Java, governance of open source projects on GitHub, and all things related to application development with Oracle technologies.


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A Look Back at Enterprise Integration Patterns and Their Use into Today's Serverless Computing


Functions, and the so called serverless computing have freed deveopers from worring about infrastructure, and even upper platform layers, as well some steps in the software development lifecycle. But once you have functions deployed, how do they interact with each other? How message navigates between them? Maybe, just maybe, it's time to look back again at EIPs - Enterprise Integration Patterns, and their use in this new way of deploying code to the Cloud. This talk will cover primarily the use of one of the key EIP frameworks - Apache Camel - and top patterns applicable to Serverless Computing using Functions services by Cloud vendors as part of the demonstrations.