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Daniel Deogun is a Coder and Quality Defender who brings order to a chaotic world of bits and bytes using good design and clean code. He fights security issues on a daily basis using magic spells from DDD and an overall security mindset. In his spare time, Daniel coauthors the book Secure by Design. As a developer, Daniel started to play with Java in 1997 and his extensive experience ranges from patient critical pacemaker systems to web applications to high performant software in the gaming industry. Combining this with his passion for teaching have made him a frequent speaker at international conferences. Daniel is currently a senior consultant at Omegapoint in Stockholm, Sweden.

Blog: https://www.omegapoint.se

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Creating secure software - benefits from cloud thinking


Security is a tricky field – as developers, it doesn’t seem to matter how the software is designed. There’s always someone able to hack it. But as it turns out, software design can bring security benefits. Often when we hear the word ‘cloud’ we think it’s insecure, but in this talk you’ll learn how design patterns based on concepts such as 12-factor and cloud native apps not only yield great software, but also bring security benefits as an implicit side effect. These design patterns are applicable to legacy as well as green-field development, and regardless if you are running in the cloud or on-premise, you still get the same security benefits. And on top of this, you’ll see how it all comes together to create the foundation of modern software security – software that is secure by design.