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Dmitry Kornilov
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From Oracle

  • Senior Software Development Manager in Oracle
  • EE4J Project Management Committee member
  • Active JCP member holding the “Outstanding Spec Lead 2016” award
  • JCP Star Spec Lead
  • JSON-B specification lead
  • JSON-P specification lead
  • EclipseLink project lead
  • Yasson project lead
  • Over over 20 years of experience in design and implementation of complex software systems, defining systems architecture, team leading and project management.


ssj Server Side Java

Java EE, EE4J and now Jakarta EE?

BOF (Birds of a Feather)

The last few months have been very busy in the Enterprise Java space. Java EE 8 was finalized and at the same time, Oracle has announced, with the support of Red Hat and IBM, its intention to move the development of the platform to the Eclipse Foundation under the EE4J umbrella project. And with changes comes questions, a lot of questions!

  • What is Jakarta EE?
  • What is EE4J?
  • What does it mean for Java EE?
  • Why Eclipse?
  • How can I contribute to EE4J?
  • What is the EE4J timeline? ...

During this BoF we will explain what EE4J is. We will also share the latest updates and answer any questions the audience might have.