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I am a software developer with a pragmatic, result-oriented approach. I have been involved in the development and deployment of several large business-critical systems over the years. My strength is with overview and generics rather than details and specifics. I have a strong sense of quality that is based on a mixture of simplicity, direct communication and courage.


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IPFS and how to distribute the web


This is your introduction to the distributed web in the incarnation of IPFS. A really cool platform that retains the original vision of the web and makes it truly distributed.

Firstly we will go through a couple of problem areas with the current internet infrastructure and how IPFS fits into this vision.

We will then move on to how IPFS actually works and show some examples with a language running on the JVM. We will look at:

  • how the files are fingerprinted, versioned and identified
  • how the network of IPFS nodes finds the relevant data for us
  • decentralized and human friendly addressing with IPNS

Lastly we will look at some typical use cases for IPFS. We will note how it fits rather nicely as a storage option for blockchain applications.

Fredrik Rubensson is a mentor and senior developer at Go See Talents - providing key expertise to the startup scene of Stockholm.