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From Luxoft

Software Architect @ Luxoft with 10+ years of experience in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in software architecture and performance & tuning topics.

architecture Architecture

Architecting for performance. A top-down approach.


The talk reveals a performance architectural approach from a high level of abstraction down to the hardware.

Focused on a top-down approach, it covers the main layers where a software architect or performance engineer must be involved by revealing performance design principles, tactics, patterns, algorithms, strategies, operating system and hardware level optimizations.

lang Programming Languages

Runtime vs. compile time (JIT vs. AOT) optimizations in Java and C++


During this talk I present my research study in regards to several runtime optimizations done by Just In Time Compiler inside HotSpot/OpenJDK versus the one similar triggered in an ahead of time time manner by LLVM clang in C++.