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Jakub is a software developer for whom coding is a way of life as well as a hobby.

He is focused on continuously improving software delivery processes by introducing new technologies and refining Lean methodologies.

For over 12 years of his professional career, he worked as a software developer, architect, team leader, and manager. He gained experience working on both sides of the delivery process, as a vendor and as a client. Today, he is a speaker, trainer, and co-founder of the online technical assessment platform, Devskiller.

Blog: www.devskiller.com

cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Infrastructure as a code simplified by conventions

Quickie Sessions

Infrastructure, especially in a cloud-based environment is complex, dynamic and consists of many unique components. If you take a quick look under the hood of any cloud-based infrastructure project, you will find that many of elements involved are tightly intertwined leading to higher maintenance costs and a chaotic environment.

Fortunately, using infrastructure as code goes a long way to resolving these issues but if consistent standards are not enforced, you may be left with the same kind of mess you were trying to avoid in the first place.

In this presentation, I'll show how easily you can define your whole infrastructure stack, including all of the myriad relationships between components and the standards that govern them, in a simple Groovy DSL using the InfraDSL project as an example. Implementing this approach will make managing your systems easy to do and scalable.

architecture Architecture

Metrics driven architecture


Everyone wants awesome architecture in their project. The kind of architecture you can gladly show at conferences: scalable, secure, testable, and without technical debt. But how can we be sure we're going in the right direction? How do we quantify success? Is it possible to describe technical debt with valuable numbers, better than meaningless "man days to fix"? During my presentation, I will show you that you can do it with engineering - based on a calculator and set square. The time of carefree artists and ivory towers has passed.