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Passionate about DDD, CQRS, Clean code and Event Sourcing

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State or events? Which shall I keep?


Tired of fancy abstractions without actual down to earth implementation? In this talk we will go through both benefits and problems by implementing a real example of event-driven architecture. This will be a lot live coding and we will see how to tackle complex domains. We are going to tackle the problems step by step from various perspectives. From the point of view of the stakeholders our software should have quick time to market, ability to do complex data reporting and fast way to extend and to deploy new features. On the other hand, our fellow developers would be interested in learning curve when it comes to events and how it differs in turns of e.g. unit testing. At the end of each step it will be clear what kind of problems/benefits we have. The talk is going to cover a broad set of buzzwords like: event sourcing, CQRS, distributed systems, Spring Cloud Stream, eventual consistency, unit testing and Event Storming with DDD.