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HabitatOS and Bioastronautics research at LunAres habitat

BOF (Birds of a Feather)

Development of the Operating System for extraterrestrial habitats can take years of careful planning, software engineering and testing. While open source community has brought and amazing Robot Oper- ating System for robotics there’s no such solution for habitats.

HabitatOS is the first and only Open Source Operating System for use in Human Spaceflight habitats. With responsive HTML interface it can be used on any device such as: desktop, mobile smartphones, tablets, TV screens and even smartwatches. It has an open and documented API for development of new features and easy to use pluggable add-on structure to build experiments around. It’s minimal require- ment is Python only, hence it could be deployed on any server easily and quick.

Everything can be real-time or custom time delayed to simulate communication impediment from speed of light limit.

Lunares habitat is…

…a simulated space base and a research laboratory located in Pila, Poland. The hab simulates conditions that astronauts will find in a real base on the Moon or Mars. During three two-week long missions, analogue astronauts will be completely cut off from the world.