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From Oracle

Matthew is a (somewhat) functional programmer who enjoys all kinds of language nerdery.

He currently works on open-source code at Oracle, helping to make Java in the cloud be as good as it can. If not there, you might find him at a local meetup, teaching kids to code, or away from computers hiking and running in Southwest England.

Past lives include OpenStacking, teaching English to highschoolers and a whole lot of Clojure and Java.


cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Fn Project – an open source container native serverless platform


Serverless computing and FaaS (Function as a Service) are the new blacks! They radically change how software is organized, deployed, and charged for, and is in the process of further disrupting the still-evolving world of cloud computing.

This hands-on session will introduce you to 'Fn Project' (, a new open source serverless platform, which features a code-first approach to building polyglot applications. We will discuss Fn Flow, a CompletionStage like API, used to compose multiple functions into meaningful applications. No flow-charts, no exoteric stuff, just plain readable and testable (Java) code! And although 'Fn Project' is polyglot, this session will focus mostly on the Java and Kotlin side of it.