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Mercedes is a Developer Champion and an Auth0 Ambassador, has a Duke’s Choice Award in Educational Outreach, and is the leader of a Google community, Devs+502. She was previously organizing meetings in Guatemala Java Users Group. Now she is focused on increasing women’s participation in STEAM by running a JDuchess chapter in Guatemala and helping new communities to make their first steps.

She is a software engineer with more than six years of experience in backend, frontend, and Android development using Java and Kotlin. Currently, Mercedes is the CTO at Produactivity, a startup based in Guatemala.


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Magic Without Password, Passwordless and Federate Identity


We are in an era where we do almost everything through the internet, this has some implications, such as the need to identify ourselves before making a transaction. Therefore, each system we develop must have mechanisms to allow users to identify themselves, the famous login. One of the drawbacks of this, is that we must ensure that the information of each user is stored with strict security rules, on the other hand each user must create a password to access, each platform sets its own rules, and finally the users create unsafe passwords or forgot them.

There are mechanisms that make this process less complicated for both, developers and users. Passwordless and Federated Identities, that allow users to login without having to create a password, and developers will not have to store that information under strict security protocols.

This sessions seeks to explain in detail What Passwordless is? What strategies exist and how implement them. The Federated Identity and how implement that. Finally how do those thins using PaaS Technologies.