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Java* Trainer, Speaker and Book Author. JCP Expert, Istanbul JUG and Adopt a JSR member. Duke's Choice Award 2015/2018 winner. Creator of AsciidocFX, TerminalFX, and tryjshell.org.

Blog: https://kodedu.com/

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Practicing the Java 9 Module System

Hands-on Labs

Java 9 comes with a standard module system called JPMS (JSR 376 - the Java Platform Module System) for the Java platform which is one of the most anticipated features in Java Platform's history. JPMS is designed under and the core part of the Project Jigsaw along with several features such as JLink (The Java Linker), Encapsulate Most Internal APIs, Modular Source Code, HTTP/2 and WebSocket API, and Modular Runtime Images. In this Hands-on Lab session, you will learn this new features with step by step manner.

Workshop requirements: https://github.com/rahmanusta/practicing-java9-module-system/blob/master/WORKSHOP_REQUIREMENTS.adoc