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Works in IT since 2000 with 15 year of Java SE/EE experience. Occupied Senior Java developer/Team Lead positions in more than 20 Java projects. Winner of 2013 JBoss Community Recognition Award. Has been working for more than 4 years as Java lecturer/trainer. Author of “Development of Java applications”, “Ideal code” and “Main errors in Java programming” books. Co-founder of IT-Discovery programming courses.


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Angular 5 best practices


Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for building front-end applications. It is getting vitally important for Full-stack web developer positions. After the success of the first version, version 2.0 was released in 2016. It took into account potential design flaws and errors of the previous versions, improved performance, simplified usage with the framework. In 2018, Angular 4, and then Angular 5, was released.

In this talk I will provided details how we migrated our project to Angular, tell why TypeScript fits best for development and try to answer to the question - is Angular perfect choice for person who get used to back-end development. I will share the errors we made during this transition, how we solved them and, of course, the most important thing - Angular best practices. The talk will include three parts:

1) Development and testing 2) Deployment 3) Speed and performance