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Suavek Zając
Suavek Zając

From Grand parade part of William Hill

Starting in 2000 as a developer Suavek worked in multiple technical roles through the years. As an Architect at BlackBerry he worked on some of the first push technology solutions and enterprise apps. His journey took him from building out Developer Ecosystems and Developer Relations to trying out at multiple startups. In 2014 Suavek joined Grand Parade which was 18 strong at the time. When in 2016 Grand Parade reached 150 people it was a classic case of a big company - William Hill acquiring a smaller development 'house'. Now two years later, Suavek is managing technology at William Hill across Krakow, Gibraltar, London, Leeds. One year into leading a large agile transformation, Suavek would like to share his lessons and experiences.

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Lessons and experiences of leading a large agile transformation


What do you get when you join a startup with a well-established enterprise? How do you lead a large-scale transformation of multiple teams distributed across multiple locations? How do you build trust with teams and executives while evolving? How can established processes, teams and ways of working be transformed? This is a story of the ongoing transformation with setbacks, successes, difficulties, wins and the journey still ahead.