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From Ocado Technology

Tomek is a Software Development Manager at Ocado Technology. He has 6 years experience working as a Software Engineer, Scrum Master and Agile Trainer.

As an engineer, he is passionate about craftsmanship, propagating clean code, automated tests, behaviour driven development and domain driven design. As a leader, he helps to build an organisational culture based upon autonomy, collaboration and trust so that developers are equipped with both the hard and soft skills necessary to build truly awesome products.

Tomek loves to change the reality around him. He his highly pragmatic, challenges orthodoxy at all levels and believes that there is always room for improvement. He is always eager to discuss and share his ideas.


method_archi Methodology & Culture

Level-up your culture


Moving an organization towards higher agility is a many stepped process. Tomek will take you on a board-game journey to show the levels they have advanced through at Ocado Technology to achieve better people engagement.

Level1: Team interview Level2: Knowing your business Level3: Teams are everywhere Level4: Autonomy Level5: Open culture