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Programmer, JVM languages enthusiast, androids’ friend, APIs traveler, hackathons participant, addicted to coffee and clean code, games player, podcasts and city bikes user.

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Riders On The Storm: API Gateways for developers

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Web services development, no matter JSON or SOAP, is today easy like adding an annotation to a method. For API development you don’t need much more than OAS (Swagger). But how to create complex yet simple interfaces and provide consistent access to a wide variety of many APIs, e.g. microservices? How to create a friendly system for both developers and consumers (web, mobile, fridge ...)? What is the way to avoid duplications of cross-cutting services concerns like security or network support? Discover the possibilities, strengths and drawbacks of open source solutions and learn how to implement API Gateway for monolith, microservices or IoT. Language: Polish.