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Uberto is an expert on designing and building software products, currently working with finance institutions in London. He has more than two decades experience, in many industries in building great sw products. He is practising TDD and Agile since 2001. He writes technical articles, regularly speaks at conference around Europe and organises courses. Last but not least he is a passionate polyglot programmer, he started as a kid with a ZxSpectrum he hopes to continue to code for many years to come.

Blog: https://medium.com/@ramtop

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Go Kotlin Go!


I will share some experience on writing a software to play the game of Go in Kotlin. The game of Go is born in China more than 2000 years ago and despite its very simple rules is considered more complex than chess and so one of the most interesting from a software developer point of view. Until 2018 when AlphaGo beated the world champion, it was considered the humanity's last stand. I'll present a didactic go bot engine I developed in Kotlin. It's very simple but it is already able to give interesting matches.