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Wojtek started programming as a child, 35 years ago. He witnessed various technologies, methodologies or hypes coming and disappearing. For many years Wojtek has been trying to change his surrounding by instilling agile thinking, but most of all he has been doing his best to inspire people to act, constantly grow and step out of their comfort zone. As co-CEO he runs Spartez, a not that small anymore (nearly 150 people) company in Gdansk he co-founded with a group of colleagues in 2007. Wojtek presents regularly (though not frequently) at various conferences in Poland and abroad - e.g. Confitura, Devoxx, GeeCON, Atlassian Summit, Agile, Agile EE, ACCU or InfoSHARE. He spends his free time with his family and plays racket sports.

Blog: https://spartez.com/

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How to impress your boss and your customer in a modern software development company


Software is eating the world. Software is eating software developers’ world. Agile everywhere, constantly changing requirements, technologies, market demands, jobs, positions, structures, managers. The flood of data. Big data. It’s easy to sink. The word is shattering us. I confess: I used to be a software developer who often totally misunderstood the management, the business or the customers. For last several years, I’ve been on the other side - I represent the management, the business, and the customer. And I've started seeing and understanding what skills, behaviours and what mindset is the most valuable in a software developer from the perspective of the other side. And what drives them nuts. The thing is that this “other side” assesses your value and decides on your salary. I reckon you would like to maximise them. Here is how. Before I forget how to talk to developers (as one of them).