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I'm a software engineer mainly focused on Java and JVM technologies. I write Clean Code usually using TDD. I appreciate Agile methodologies (because they work), automation of everything and NoSQL solutions. I was a reviewer of the book and organiser of Currently I'm a leader of Wrocław Java User Group I'm a speaker at technical conferences:, trainer in coding bootcamps and Open Source contributor: I’m working at Collibra.

In my free time I ride snowboard, splitboard, wakeboard and sometimes skateboard. I also enjoy biking, hip-hop music, traveling and winter swimming.


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GraphQL - when REST API is not enough - lessons learned


We all know the REST architectural style to define a good API for your applications. However, REST has its disadvantages and constraints. That’s why Facebook developed GraphQL as an alternative.

In my talk, I will present you some REST constraints and how GraphQL solves them. I will talk about how we implemented GraphQL in our application and why.

Get to know our successes… and failures from the first row.